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Beginner's guide

How to make more, much more money...



Here's a few helpful tips to maximize your earning potential...


Companies: Limit the number of companies that you sign up for to just a handful. You'll soon get tired of spreading your time and energy across the vast numbers of programs that are available. Pick up a few programs and decide to focus on those only. Which programs? Choose between those rated 5 or four stars.... and make sure you sign-up with AllAdvantage!



Focus on companies that are very reliable, even if they might pay less than other programs. Only 1-2 referrals out of every 10 you sign up will still be surfing after 1 month. This is because they experience problems with the ad bars, accessing their stats, or other performance problems. The only program that has been reliable over 99% of my surfing time is AllAdvantage. I surf others but I frequently experience performance problems with them. New surfers will be hindered by the lack of performance and frequent problems and often will quit because of them. AllAdvantage referrals has much smaller turnover.



The only way to make serious money is to get referrals (the more the better!). Getting referrals in just a few programs is easier than trying to spread them out over several. Never sign up for more programs than you can actively surf in one month. Most companies will not pay you for all of your referral's time unless you meet or exceed your referrals monthly average. For example, if you surf 10 hours and your referrals each surf 25 hours, you will only get credit for 10 hours of their time.



Convince your friends an your family to join those companies using your referring ID. Build a web page, allowing the visitors to join easily the best pay-for-surf companies. Find ways to get listed on other sites (this will help your sites traffic as well as search engine placement - the more links to your site the higher you will be ranked usually)


Turn to the web:  

Once your personal contacts such as friends and family are exhausted, turn to the web. Keep in mind, however, that the web is huge, and You have to get hits to your web pages otherwise no one will ever sign up. You have to do more than register with all of the search engines. At last count, AltaVista had over 100,000 Pay To Surf sites listed... you're not alone! According to some rough estimates by the folks at the number one position has three times the hits as the number two position. The number two position has three times the hits as the number 3 position. So unless you are lucky, your page probably won't be listed very high. Use and pay to have your site listed in the top 10 under several search keywords. For as little as $25.00, you can bid on your search engine position. You basically bid for position. 



More Web sites:  

To help increase the odds of your page being seen,  create multiple pages. There are several free sites such as Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Freeservers, etc. Copy one web site and upload it to as many servers as you can. Then register each of these sites with as many search engines as you can. You can even expand on that because there are several companies offering free webaliases as well. These are like new URLs, but they all point to the same web page. You can now register each of these URLs.


No cheat programs!

Do NOT use the cheat programs that You can easily find on the web. You will get caught. From a programming standpoint it is easy to detect if a program is running on your machine. The companies come out with newer versions of their ad bars all the time and may possibly detect the fake surfing programs. You do not want to spend time and effort building a great downline just to have it revoked. Besides you should be able to make enough money with your referrals that eventually you should not need to surf that much (if you limit yourself to a few programs)


No Spam!

Do not SPAM, it is nasty, and if reported you will have your account immediately revoked.

Referrals, Referrals, referrals!  

Be persistent at searching for referrals. You will lose most, but every once and awhile you come across one who builds a great downline for you. Offer assistance to your downline and provide something such as a free website to help them. Their success will greatly impact yours.



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