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Review of the companies 

that pay you to surf the web!




These sites offer a great opportunity to build easily a great referral base, as they're all fairly new. 

So signup, and start building your referral base now!!!




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Mirror sites: Tripod, Angelfire, Tiscali, Freeservers, Terrashare, Digilander, Geocities, Webjump


Aaruka Rating: n.a.                                   
For each hour you browse with their service they give you 50 cents, 10 cents for the direct referrals and 5 cents for the secondary referrals. Once a critical number of members are enrolled, they will start the service.




Rating: n.a.                                  
Pays 5 levels deep!  You may download their adbar right now and start making money! Based on January 2000 numbers, the payout would have been $0.40/hour for an UNLIMITED number hours.  They have a goal to payout over $1.00/hour by September 2000!!



Rating: n.a.                                  
Download their mini-browser and make 50% of what they make from the advertisers! You may also play the Lucky7 lotto for a chance to win $2,000.00!

The ad bar has still not yet been released.






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