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Check out these links: this is a selection of what's available on the web to get referrals, increase traffic on your web site and more... !!!


1 - Click for hits: 

Increase traffic surfing the web!

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 One visitor to your site for every site you check out on their search engine, after you check out the first site it will bring up a menu that allows you to vote on how well you liked that site, and then will take you to a random site based on how well you liked other sites. You must stay on each site an average of 30 seconds, and if you stay on it more then a minute they give you a chance to win more credits. If they can not give you the amount of visitors you earned then they will pay you cash for the remaining visitors.

IloveClicks: If you like ClickThru(tm), you'll love The I Love Clicks Network! Their WebMaster site promotion services are state of the art. Their service is unquestionably the fastest, easiest way to drive traffic to your web site! They also maintain an exclusive affiliate program database that allows users to offer web site traffic in exchange for program sign ups! Visit today! If you don't have an account with us, you're missing out on special offers and promotions that will direct new traffic to your web site, build your downline and put cash in your pocket. Sign up now for free and immediately begin driving hundreds of visitors to your site! By registering your Website at Increasercom you get a button, banner or link that has your unique key implemented. Each time someone clicks on the button or banner you get one visitor in exchange.     Guaranteed - ClickThrus
ClickForHits: A Click for Hits is a service that guarantees to deliver one visitor to your site for every credit you earn. If you have 10 credits we guarantee to send at least 10 hits to your web site. There is no limit, earn 10,000 credits, we'll send 10,000 hits!



2 - Banner exchange programs

Subscribe to one or (preferably...) more of these banner-exchange programs. 

Guaranteed: you'll increase the traffic on your site!! Offers a 1:1 banner exchange and provides detailed statistics on how well your banner is doing in getting visitors to your site.  Need a 468x60 banner of yours when you join, and you can change it at any time.

TrafficTool Gives you a1:2 ratio and five times a month the ratio is 1:1 for a day. 100 free credits for joining. Earn money for referrals and clicks (.15 per click) on your banner that can only be traded in for more advertising. Lets you use 5 banners (up to 18k) each pointing to a different url!

Join 1 For 1 Media Exchange Works on a 1:1 ratio: every time you display someone else's banner, you get one banner view on someone else's site in return. You also get 10% of the banner views for your referrals and .10 for every new member you send them. Need a 468x60 banner to display. Must get a different HTML code for every page you put their banner on.

Wacki-World: Get your ad displayed and a visitor to your site for each member site that you check out on the Wackiman site. Also, put their banner code on your page and for each visitor you get they will display your banner on someone else's page that also has the Wackiman banner code on it.

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3 - Pre-built referrals- recruiting home pages

Don't know how to build a web site to recruit referrals? A few companies allow you to build a

reference home page to help you! Convenient, easy and completely FREE!


Follow these links and join all those companies: remember: the more the pages, the more the

possibilities to recruit referrals, the more your earning potential...  check out here!  check out here!  checkout here!  check out here!


4 - Check my partner sites, promoting pay-for-surf programs





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