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Review of the companies 

that pay you to surf the web!




These sites offer a great opportunity to build easily a great referral base, as they're all fairly new. 

So... signup, and start building your referral base now!!!



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Mirror sites: Tripod, Angelfire, Tiscali, Freeservers, Terrashare, Digilander, Geocities, Webjump


Note: Rating is "n.a.", until the release of the AD-bar...

Aaruka Rating: n.a.                                  
For each hour you browse with their service they give you 50 cents, 10 cents for the direct referrals and 5 cents for the secondary referrals. Once a critical number of members are enrolled, they will start the service.




Rating: n.a.                                  
Join the rapidly growing Pocketscreen Community. Register as a member, Download the free P[screen]TM and Browse the internet as usual! When activated, the P[screen]TM will pay you $1 per hour for your time. It displays on a tiny part of your screen exclusive rewards, bonuses, discounts and advertisements that are relevant to you.

The ad bar has still not yet been released.




Rating: n.a.                                  
Pays 5 levels deep!  You may download their adbar right now and start making money! Based on January 2000 numbers, the payout would have been $0.40/hour for an UNLIMITED number hours.  They have a goal to payout over $1.00/hour by September 2000!!



Rating: n.a.                                  
This program pays big! You will make $.60 cents an hour for yourself, and $.10 an hour for your direct and extended referrals! Sign up now!

The ad bar has still not yet been released.




Rating: n.a.                                  
Download their mini-browser and make 50% of what they make from the advertisers! You may also play the Lucky7 lotto for a chance to win $2,000.00!

The ad bar has still not yet been released.




Rating: n.a.                                  
Sign up for this program and start referring people! Every minute you actively use your computer with the Horizon, you earn Desktop Horizon Credit Dollars (DHCDs), soon to be exchangeable for thousands of valuable products.

The ad bar has still not yet been released.


VIP Benefits

Rating: n.a.                                  
For every hour you use the Internet along with the VIPBar, we will pay you $0.60. For every hour your friend uses the Internet with the VIPBar, we will pay you $0.15. For every hour your Associate uses the Internet with the VIPBar, we will pay you $0.03. For every hour your Contact uses the Internet with the VIPBar we will pay you $0.02. The referral program extends to two people past your original friend. 

DollarWeb Rating: n.a.                                  
You may join and be paid wherever you live! You will be credited .60$ per hour. and 0.10$ per hour by your referrer. They claim to have 10.000 New Members Every Day!!





Rating: n.a.                                  
Get Paid to use a SCREEN SAVER !
6 Levels of Referrals, Instant Download* available internationally*
$0.60 for you
$0.15 for direct referrals (level 1)
$0.05 for indirect referrals (levels 2-6)
**earnings are based on 15 screen saver views each day**

Crew-Design Rating: n.a.                                  
They are promising the best fixed rate of any get-paid company, and have an active paid-startpage system. You can sign up with Crew-Design right away, and give them your SWIFT code later, and we highly recommend you do, because these folks should be great!





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